Dr. med. Mareike AweCEO & Founder of intumind

Many may know her face from Instagram and LinkedIn, because Mareike Awe reaches 250,000 people every day via social media.

Dr. med. Mareike Awe appears as a speaker on big stages in front of thousands and runs a podcast with over 10 million downloads. With her book “Feel Good Weight” she made it onto the SPIEGEL, Amazon and BILD bestseller lists.

Dr. med. Mareike Awe is passionately committed to the topic of female leadership and, as a model entrepreneur from the Federal Ministry of Economics, campaigns for other female entrepreneurs.


Since the foundation in August 2015 Mareike and Marc are working with passion on our products. The special feature? intumind was built up 100% self-financed by both of them.


In the last 2 years Mareike and her team have seen a 300% growth and reached even more people with their vision.

Over 120.000 customers

With our online courses we already supported over 120,000 people on their way to a better, healthier quality of life..

Over 40 employees

With a team of over 40 employees, we work every day on our great vision: to become the largest and best-known e-health coaching company.


We are particularly proud of our awards: TOP 200 Fastest Growing Company in Europe (2021 + 2022 + 2023), Focus Growth Champion (2021 + 2022 + 2023), Focus Top Employer 2021.

+300k Follower on Social Media

In addition to our products, we create a lot of free content on our social media channels. We are represented on all major platforms.

Most amazing productintueat 5

You want to lose weight, but in the evening on the couch after a stressful day you get weak and cravings overcome you.

You've tried everything. It doesn't matter whether it's simply eating less, eating "healthier", counting calories, counting points, low carb, intermittent fasting... none of this has worked in the long term.

You're beginning to feel lost, like a roundabout with no exit.

+ 80007

intueat is our first and best-known online coaching program. Within 10 weeks, our participants learn how to achieve their goal weight through intuitive eating behavior and, above all, how to keep it permanently. And all without any dietary rules or waivers.

The program was created and developed by our founder Dr. med. Mareike Awe and is based on scientific facts as well as the knowledge of more than 70,000 intueat participants.
What sets us apart from other online programs you may wonder? Lasting successes by working with the subconscious.

Dany, has lost 30 kg with intueat:
"Discipline and perseverance are not among my best qualities, at least not when it comes to dieting - thanks to intueat, this is no longer necessary. With the help of Mareike I have lost over 30 kg and don't miss the kilos in the least!"

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Disclaimer: The content and products of intumind are aimed at physically and mentally healthy people and do not constitute medical advice.

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